Breaking to Mend



Stay the Course!

I finally found a career that sounds even less like a career than being a homemaker. Writer. The past two weeks I have been answering the same questions repeatedly for every doctor’s office and precertification that I’ve had to go... Continue Reading →

In Retrospect: A Year Living in Blog

It’s been a year now since I began this blog and man it has flown by! I can remember telling myself at the start of this journey, that it would be a year full of changes -- And I wasn’t... Continue Reading →

Rejection: The Writer’s Plight

I was cleaning out my inbox today, which for me is the equivalent to sorting out “skinny” clothes that no longer fit. It’s maddening. I don’t know why I keep so much insignificant e-mails, when it’s as easy as swiping... Continue Reading →

Writing: A Birthing Process

A couple of nights ago I had an odd dream that I was pregnant. Not the cute just starting to show a baby bump, kind of pregnant -- But the ten days overdue, waddling in order not to break every... Continue Reading →

My heart is calling me From far away places unseen "Stay a while.." Long enough to find myself Short enough to still remember Who I am and who I want to be My heart is calling me I hear it... Continue Reading →

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