Breaking to Mend



A Mother’s Work

There's this saying that I've heard a million times throughout my life that goes something like, "You never appreciate your mother more, until you finally become one." It's said many different ways, but the gist is all the same. It's... Continue Reading →

The Language of Love

Yesterday, I was talking with a good friend of mine about the terror of a child I had for the day. My own child that is. I should say that I was venting, more than anything else. My friend has... Continue Reading →

In Retrospect: A Year Living in Blog

It’s been a year now since I began this blog and man it has flown by! I can remember telling myself at the start of this journey, that it would be a year full of changes -- And I wasn’t... Continue Reading →

Little Boy Blue: Gone but not Forgotten

When my son first passed away, each time that I would be missing him more than I could stand, I would start to see little lizards and butterflies everywhere that I went. It was like they were him, telling me... Continue Reading →

When We Choose Love

Years ago I began to study as much as I possibly could on various religions, cults and belief systems. Not because I wanted to join one, but because I have an undying fascination on what makes people believe what they... Continue Reading →

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