Energy’s Shift: Love Vs. Fear (Pt.1)

We are in the midst of a universal shift in energy. It started off slow and steady, years ago, as many of us experienced this odd feeling of waking from a long sleep. It is a shift in breaking away from the bond of attachments, shedding of ego and self-importance and bringing us to a… Continue reading Energy’s Shift: Love Vs. Fear (Pt.1)


A Day of Love

It’s Valentine’s Day and there are no words that adequately describe how much I have truly loathed this holiday. I shared last year, I think it was, why this is my least favorite day of the year – But to catch you up – This day 18 years ago, I married someone who aided in… Continue reading A Day of Love


It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

Last year I wrote about what Christmas has meant to me in years passed. Though I still share the same sentiment, this year feels somewhat different. This is a year of firsts. It’s the first year that we have a live Christmas tree, since I was a kid. It will be the first time that… Continue reading It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas


The Language of Love

Yesterday, I was talking with a good friend of mine about the terror of a child I had for the day. My own child that is. I should say that I was venting, more than anything else. My friend has a toddler of her own, her first child, and she is finally getting to experience… Continue reading The Language of Love


Gratitude for Years Past, Wishes for the Year to Come

Today I am 35 years old and as I do every year, I am reflecting back on birthdays past. Each year, I look back at the year before and think about what all that I wish to change, what goals to set and how I can make myself better than I was the year before.… Continue reading Gratitude for Years Past, Wishes for the Year to Come


In Retrospect: A Year Living in Blog

It’s been a year now since I began this blog and man it has flown by! I can remember telling myself at the start of this journey, that it would be a year full of changes -- And I wasn’t wrong. One of the most profound changes for me, came through this process of blogging.… Continue reading In Retrospect: A Year Living in Blog


Little Boy Blue: Gone but not Forgotten

When my son first passed away, each time that I would be missing him more than I could stand, I would start to see little lizards and butterflies everywhere that I went. It was like they were him, telling me hello. The first few times that I saw them, I figured it was just coincidence.… Continue reading Little Boy Blue: Gone but not Forgotten

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When We Choose Love

Years ago I began to study as much as I possibly could on various religions, cults and belief systems. Not because I wanted to join one, but because I have an undying fascination on what makes people believe what they do. Why people are so willing to sacrifice for those beliefs. It lead me down… Continue reading When We Choose Love


A Family of Love

It's been seventeen years since I have seen most of my family. Some, only fifteen and others 20+ years. This weekend I saw almost all of them, for yet another funeral of someone we all love dearly. Although the circumstances of our visit was terribly sad, the visit with all of the family was rejuvenating.… Continue reading A Family of Love


Theresa: No goodbyes, Only see you soon

I was supposed to speak at my Big Sister's funeral last week. I had such anxiety about speaking leading up to the funeral, not knowing if once I saw her that I would even be able to talk let alone stand up in front of all those people and read my words to her. Once… Continue reading Theresa: No goodbyes, Only see you soon


Object of Affection

You move across the room As if you were floating on air Those shoulders that I love holding onto The ones that bring comfort, now bare Slightly shifting with the swinging motion of your arms The bold line of your back A country interstate leading to blissful regards How lucky I am to be staring… Continue reading Object of Affection


Love Is

Love is in so many things Things we forget to duly appreciate The kiss from the one with whom our life is spent The first smile of a newborn babe A mother's warm embrace when our heart is broken The hot meal prepared at the end of a hard day The surprise phone calls and… Continue reading Love Is



Golden brown skin, glistening in the sun The look in your eyes of pure exhaustion Coupled with the satisfaction from the fruits of your labor Of hours spent atop a roof, driving nails and swinging hammers Shirt bleached with the perspiration and salt seeping through your pores I buried my face in your neck Where… Continue reading Chris


He Is

He is the radiant stars, That do not recognize their brilliance He is the immense galaxy, That doesn't see it's vastness He is the boundless Soul, That doesn't fathom it's potential He is the lover, That doesn't know he is loved He is the rich man, Who's not yet found his worth He is the… Continue reading He Is



To say "Thank You" to her would never be enough She is the light, the breath, the air The force that all life and love cannot exist without She speaks with courage and conviction She walks tall, even in her small frame She commands attention with such quiet grace and poise She is the melody… Continue reading Her