Breaking to Mend



For Whom Taught Me

This month marks the one year anniversary of my oldest sister’s passing and I’ve been thinking a lot about the influence that she had on my life. When she died, I was already on this journey of self-discovery and enlightenment,... Continue Reading →

My Sister, My Friend

I lost my best friend My sister whom I shared a history The friend I had since the day I was born Who knew every story, understood every issue Who made sure I never felt alone The one I knew... Continue Reading →


Time is a funny thing It can be painfully slow, Showing no mercy to those in need of less It can be amazingly quick Making no amends for those who've lost so much of it It apologizes for nothing It... Continue Reading →

Into the Light

It was the hospital waiting room, the aroma of disinfectant and stale coffee filling the air. People were talking, in their own separate discussions. Voices seemingly melded together as part of a choir, singing different words but all the same... Continue Reading →

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