Breaking to Mend



Random Act of Kindness: What Goes Around, Comes Around

It's easy to forget that there is still kindness in the world and that people really do care. It's even easier to forget that everything we do, albeit good or bad, comes back around to land squarely at our feet... Continue Reading →

Tattered Threads

These tattered curtains resemble me Who I am today, The one I used to be They are worn from the daylight scorching their threads Holes from the violent breeze Through open windows Abruptly thrashing them They served their purpose when... Continue Reading →

The Heart of Man

I remember it like it was yesterday, police officers roaming from class to class with their dogs and handheld metal detectors. As one of them entered my classroom I knew any minute I would be in more trouble than I... Continue Reading →

Answers Within a Nightmare

My grandmother was a dreamer. She used to tell me about our Native American heritage and how the people believed that the answers to life, to all of our questions, and problems lay hidden in our dreams. She told me... Continue Reading →

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