Breaking to Mend

Life's journey breaks us all, the lesson is in the mending

For Whom Taught Me

This month marks the one year anniversary of my oldest sister’s passing and I’ve been thinking a lot about the influence that she had on my life. When she died, I was already on this journey of self-discovery and enlightenment,... Continue Reading →

Free Speech Anyone?

This past weekend my sister posted a funny video depicting millennials in a job interview. We both have teenaged daughters, which made it funny because we see the likeness in our own children. I personally saw it funny because the... Continue Reading →

Writing in the New Year

Lately I keep asking myself the question, what do I write for? The past few months I have written many pieces which I have passed on publishing to this blog. It seems like right now, emotions are heightened. Any difference... Continue Reading →

Decline and Fall

I can’t help but wonder, when is it ever going to be enough, for us to rise up and call the discrepancies to light? Suddenly adults have to be told not to inappropriately touch children. Suddenly grown people have to... Continue Reading →

It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

Last year I wrote about what Christmas has meant to me in years passed. Though I still share the same sentiment, this year feels somewhat different. This is a year of firsts. It’s the first year that we have a... Continue Reading →

The Language of Love

Yesterday, I was talking with a good friend of mine about the terror of a child I had for the day. My own child that is. I should say that I was venting, more than anything else. My friend has... Continue Reading →

Finding Your Tribe!

Have you ever felt out of place? As though you’re the square peg surrounded by round holes and you just do not fit? You’re not fish, you’re not fowl -- You are something in-between that has no place and no... Continue Reading →

Gratitude for Years Past, Wishes for the Year to Come

Today I am 35 years old and as I do every year, I am reflecting back on birthdays past. Each year, I look back at the year before and think about what all that I wish to change, what goals... Continue Reading →

Thankfulness to the Process of Progress

It’s that time again… Thanksgiving!! It’s actually my favorite time of year what with the autumn air and all of the leaves turning beautiful shades of oranges before the winter chill kills them entirely. It’s the month of my wedding... Continue Reading →

To My Younger Self, in Years to Come

One day it will not hurt anymore You’ll look back and say, “I made it through” One day, you won’t recognize who you were Though your journey to be better, will continue One day, you will envision the faces of... Continue Reading →

One Woman’s Journey: Hormone Imbalance & Medical Menopause

I want to discuss my journey through hormonal imbalance and Medical Menopause. I know, fun stuff, but this is truly something that every woman out there needs to know, and because I found it out the hard way, I am... Continue Reading →

This is the Life!

A few nights ago, I had the scariest experience so far, to date. I had a mass inside of one of my ovaries the size of a racket ball and it ruptured, while at home. The pain was excruciatingly worse... Continue Reading →

The Road to Forgiveness, Paved by Blessing

There is something that has been pressed upon me to write about. I have been resisting publishing it, but someone out there is needing it. So whoever you are, this piece is for you. There’s a lot to be said... Continue Reading →

Stay the Course!

I finally found a career that sounds even less like a career than being a homemaker. Writer. The past two weeks I have been answering the same questions repeatedly for every doctor’s office and precertification that I’ve had to go... Continue Reading →

Answers lie within your Preparation

When I was a child I used to play "teacher." I had a big chalkboard on my bedroom wall, boxes of chalk, an over-sized hand me down desk that my mother had furnished with note pads, a stapler, whole punch,... Continue Reading →

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