Breaking to Mend



Answers Within a Nightmare

My grandmother was a dreamer. She used to tell me about our Native American heritage and how the people believed that the answers to life, to all of our questions, and problems lay hidden in our dreams. She told me... Continue Reading →

Theresa: No goodbyes, Only see you soon

I was supposed to speak at my Big Sister's funeral last week. I had such anxiety about speaking leading up to the funeral, not knowing if once I saw her that I would even be able to talk let alone... Continue Reading →

The Idea of Christmas

Each Christmas, my precious Grandmother always gifted her homemade tortillas. These were unequivocally the best tortillas that I've ever had in my life! First off, to know my grandmother was to love her. She always had the biggest smile on... Continue Reading →

A Day in Motherhood

There are times when being a mom is the most trying job in the world. Whether it's when they're a baby and not sleeping all night from Colic, and you're ready to pull your hair out because you can't soothe... Continue Reading →

The Lessons of Grief

Grief is something we hardly ever talk about. That force that pulls and pushes us at times in many different directions, in its eloquent yet chaotic dance. It takes us to the very highest peak of delightful nostalgia and crashes... Continue Reading →

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