Breaking to Mend

Life's journey breaks us all, the lesson is in the mending



Half-Hearted, Fully Loved (One Mother’s Journey into HLHS & Loss)

Libby sat in the row of guest chairs this morning, just waiting.  She wasn’t even sure what it was that she was waiting for, but there she sat in anticipation either way.  Dr. Melbourne, the Cardiovascular Surgeon who had taken over... Continue Reading →

The Act of Peace

I hear a lot of people these days shouting about peace and their desire for it, while they also perpetually allow themselves to be enthralled in petty arguments, endless debates and constant drama. As I’ve said many times, peace comes... Continue Reading →

Finding Your Tribe!

Have you ever felt out of place? As though you’re the square peg surrounded by round holes and you just do not fit? You’re not fish, you’re not fowl -- You are something in-between that has no place and no... Continue Reading →

One Woman’s Journey: Hormone Imbalance & Medical Menopause

I want to discuss my journey through hormonal imbalance and Medical Menopause. I know, fun stuff, but this is truly something that every woman out there needs to know, and because I found it out the hard way, I am... Continue Reading →

The Road to Forgiveness, Paved by Blessing

There is something that has been pressed upon me to write about. I have been resisting publishing it, but someone out there is needing it. So whoever you are, this piece is for you. There’s a lot to be said... Continue Reading →

Stay the Course!

I finally found a career that sounds even less like a career than being a homemaker. Writer. The past two weeks I have been answering the same questions repeatedly for every doctor’s office and precertification that I’ve had to go... Continue Reading →

Answers lie within your Preparation

When I was a child I used to play "teacher." I had a big chalkboard on my bedroom wall, boxes of chalk, an over-sized hand me down desk that my mother had furnished with note pads, a stapler, whole punch,... Continue Reading →

Let Your Tests Make You Blessed

There must be some significance to 4AM because yesterday, though everyone else in the house was sound asleep, you guessed it, I was wide awake -- AGAIN. I kind of dig it, sitting in a quiet room that often stays... Continue Reading →

Time is of the Essence

The funny thing about time is that we all think that we have plenty of it to spare. That "one day" we'll get on to doing what we had planned. To making amends in that one situation, to finishing our... Continue Reading →

When We Choose Love

Years ago I began to study as much as I possibly could on various religions, cults and belief systems. Not because I wanted to join one, but because I have an undying fascination on what makes people believe what they... Continue Reading →

Answers Within a Nightmare

My grandmother was a dreamer. She used to tell me about our Native American heritage and how the people believed that the answers to life, to all of our questions, and problems lay hidden in our dreams. She told me... Continue Reading →

These Old Bones

It was time for bed. I felt the sharp, burning pain throughout my back that has been all too familiar for too many years counting, as I tried my best to get into a position that didn’t make me feel... Continue Reading →

Theresa: No goodbyes, Only see you soon

I was supposed to speak at my Big Sister's funeral last week. I had such anxiety about speaking leading up to the funeral, not knowing if once I saw her that I would even be able to talk let alone... Continue Reading →

The Idea of Christmas

Each Christmas, my precious Grandmother always gifted her homemade tortillas. These were unequivocally the best tortillas that I've ever had in my life! First off, to know my grandmother was to love her. She always had the biggest smile on... Continue Reading →

When Being Heard is Obsolete

My father is a very kind man. He’s the kind of man that will stop on the side of the road in the freezing cold and give a homeless person his own expensive coat, some food and a ride. He’s... Continue Reading →

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