Breaking to Mend



Breaking To Mend

Evolution of Indifference

  The page turned like a creaky door Opening to more perplexing disillusion Searching for the words written in invisible ink The hidden message to decode the confusion The water was stone chipping away at the rock The forest was... Continue Reading →

My Sister, My Friend

I lost my best friend My sister whom I shared a history The friend I had since the day I was born Who knew every story, understood every issue Who made sure I never felt alone The one I knew... Continue Reading →


So many mementos Once lining the walls Now filling photo albums and scrapbooks Hard drives and memory box A life almost imaginary As if I'd slipped through wormholes of time I remember his face like a chubby cheeked cherub Alabaster... Continue Reading →

Object of Affection

You move across the room As if you were floating on air Those shoulders that I love holding onto The ones that bring comfort, now bare Slightly shifting with the swinging motion of your arms The bold line of your... Continue Reading →

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