Breaking to Mend

Life's journey breaks us all, the lesson is in the mending



Tattered Threads

These tattered curtains resemble me Who I am today, The one I used to be They are worn from the daylight scorching their threads Holes from the violent breeze Through open windows Abruptly thrashing them They served their purpose when... Continue Reading →

Decline and Fall

I can’t help but wonder, when is it ever going to be enough, for us to rise up and call the discrepancies to light? Suddenly adults have to be told not to inappropriately touch children. Suddenly grown people have to... Continue Reading →

To My Younger Self, in Years to Come

One day it will not hurt anymore You’ll look back and say, “I made it through” One day, you won’t recognize who you were Though your journey to be better, will continue One day, you will envision the faces of... Continue Reading →

Death Remained

The old woman begrudgingly laid in her bed Unbridled pain in her body from her disease Impatiently watching as time flew by Regrets swirling like tumble weeds She asked Death why it hadn't taken her yet Death didn't answer with a... Continue Reading →

Breaking To Mend

Evolution of Indifference

  The page turned like a creaky door Opening to more perplexing disillusion Searching for the words written in invisible ink The hidden message to decode the confusion The water was stone chipping away at the rock The forest was... Continue Reading →

My Sister, My Friend

I lost my best friend My sister whom I shared a history The friend I had since the day I was born Who knew every story, understood every issue Who made sure I never felt alone The one I knew... Continue Reading →


So many mementos Once lining the walls Now filling photo albums and scrapbooks Hard drives and memory box A life almost imaginary As if I'd slipped through wormholes of time I remember his face like a chubby cheeked cherub Alabaster... Continue Reading →

Object of Affection

You move across the room As if you were floating on air Those shoulders that I love holding onto The ones that bring comfort, now bare Slightly shifting with the swinging motion of your arms The bold line of your... Continue Reading →

Love Is

Love is in so many things Things we forget to duly appreciate The kiss from the one with whom our life is spent The first smile of a newborn babe A mother's warm embrace when our heart is broken The... Continue Reading →


Golden brown skin, glistening in the sun The look in your eyes of pure exhaustion Coupled with the satisfaction from the fruits of your labor Of hours spent atop a roof, driving nails and swinging hammers Shirt bleached with the... Continue Reading →

Where Home Resides

I used to think home was made of sticks, bricks, and nails Existing between four walls It came with an address, a street name and a mailbox The place to where I belonged When I grew up home became something... Continue Reading →

Lay Waste

Choose a side that defines Separates and divides Exalts your pre-judgements Makes you feel justified Find the explanation that suits your feelings Ride it into the grave on the wind Bring down the hammer of influence Call it your best... Continue Reading →

Thoughtful Insights

They took off like a shot Words taking flight Dancing on thin air Immersed in their plight To a barren wasteland each thought once exiled To the minefield referred to as her cluttered mind From their cement boots they request... Continue Reading →

The World of Dreams

I dreamt of a world where love was the center And we all spoke it fluently Where we no longer needed egregious words And obscene hostility Our thoughts governed by the intent behind them Instead of the context surrounding Where... Continue Reading →

We lost each other once Forgot what the other meant Through the haziness of impassivity We became imbalanced and disproportioned Abruptly thrown off course Taking comfort in stubborn complacency Stumbling our way through Searching for uncommonly common ground Accepting the... Continue Reading →

The forgotten one Cast out and dispensable Clothed in their kindness In forgetting no one The lonely one Trapped within their self-loathing Brings people together To find a reason not to leave The one afraid Reveling inside their awful thoughts... Continue Reading →


This sea of water blackened with blood The permeating smell of iron rising off of its surface Velvety, dark obsidian waves Timed in perfect synchronization Hoards of snakes slivering and splashing Tipped off to their prey nearing Sitting in a... Continue Reading →

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