Breaking to Mend



Tattered Threads

These tattered curtains resemble me Who I am today, The one I used to be They are worn from the daylight scorching their threads Holes from the violent breeze Through open windows Abruptly thrashing them They served their purpose when... Continue Reading →

To My Younger Self, in Years to Come

One day it will not hurt anymore You’ll look back and say, “I made it through” One day, you won’t recognize who you were Though your journey to be better, will continue One day, you will envision the faces of... Continue Reading →

Death Remained

The old woman begrudgingly laid in her bed Unbridled pain in her body from her disease Impatiently watching as time flew by Regrets swirling like tumble weeds She asked Death why it hadn't taken her yet Death didn't answer with a... Continue Reading →

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