Breaking to Mend


Elizabeth Ann

I am a writer of novels, poetry, essays and blogs and more importanly a proud mama of two and wife to one! Not so domestic, "goddess" writing about life's crazy experiences, loss and grief, lessons learned therein, as well as the never-ending roller coaster that is parenthood.

The Culture of Christ

What does it mean to be a Christian? In today's world, as well as yesterday's, it can mean that you will most certainly be persecuted simply for having faith in the one whom created you. Today, Christianity gets washed in... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Work

There's this saying that I've heard a million times throughout my life that goes something like, "You never appreciate your mother more, until you finally become one." It's said many different ways, but the gist is all the same. It's... Continue Reading →

Mom: Tooth Fairy Extraordinaire

It's summer time and for this parent it typically means children home around the clock, constant moaning of having nothing to do or being bored beyond comprehension, and the occassional fight breaking out. Which no matter how uninterested you are... Continue Reading →

The Fight is in The Fire

What does it mean, when everything in your life, first comes with a fight? When you've spent most your life fighting to be seen, fighting to be heard, fighting to be taken seriously, fighting to be cared about, fighting to... Continue Reading →

Random Act of Kindness: What Goes Around, Comes Around

It's easy to forget that there is still kindness in the world and that people really do care. It's even easier to forget that everything we do, albeit good or bad, comes back around to land squarely at our feet... Continue Reading →

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