Welcome to Breaking To Mend! Allow me to introduce myself — I am Elizabeth Ann Balli and I have been writing for as far back as I can remember, but only to an audience of one. Today as a parent of a toddler and a teenager there lends for excessive amounts of off-the-wall moments to write about! Then throw in a husband, crazy family and loads of embarrassing childhood memories and it’s time to start a blog! But it turned out to be about so much more than that. In starting a blog, my goal was to write through the grief, the pain and the loss in order to bring myself to the point of mending. I came to the paper broken and chipping away more and more by the second, looking to find a way to move through it all. I chose to do what I had done for most of my life, speak my truths to the world through writing. In writing for an unknown audience, I found myself hidden between the words. And in sharing my findings, I offered my solidarity to those who also share in similar experiences and the battle with the emotions therein. The lessons that laid lurking as golden nuggets located dead center within my experiences, began to reveal themselves and the process of mending started. Sharing my stories became  cathartic. A healing of wounds as well as a giant magnifying glass highlighting the countless blessings that have come from both the good as well as the bad. In using this outlet, it freed me up to writing about my own odd and humorous day to day life. I hope that you enjoy what you read as much as I enjoy writing it!! More importantly, I hope you find the same ability to mend through examining the cracks, and finding humor in the mediocre along with the outrageous. Kick up your feet, stay a while and step into my soul.