These tattered curtains resemble me
Who I am today,
The one I used to be

They are worn from the daylight scorching their threads
Holes from the violent breeze
Through open windows
Abruptly thrashing them

They served their purpose when they were new
Today hanging as a memory that life wasn’t easy
That times can change and people too

Now they are a simple reminder
That all things eventually tear
If they have seen life, they don’t remain prestine
Their resillience resides within their wear

When they were new, untouched by the elements
They provided shade
A barrier between the outside and in
These curtains have seen too many years, now
Different homes, children and friends

They’ve seen death and new life interchange through the doors
Sicknesses, worry and strife
They remained dilligent in providing their lovely ambiance
A thin guard between what lurked just outside

Threadbare and holey,
Sunbleached, and weathered
Their purpose somewhat changed
Now hanging from a different structure
Framing an unfamilar window
Of a beautiful light, reclaimed