I can’t help but wonder, when is it ever going to be enough, for us to rise up and call the discrepancies to light?

Suddenly adults have to be told not to inappropriately touch children. Suddenly grown people have to be reprimanded and displayed across the court of public opinion, to know it’s not okay to invade another’s personal space; Something that I learned as a child. Suddenly this is a problem, but is it really all that sudden? Or is it that we now have unlimited access to information through countless avenues of media, spread wide? Is it so sudden when the law has allowed pedophiles and sexual predators to walk free through their legal gates after serving only a year for their crimes? While people using a plant that grows from the ground, sit locked up in prison for years at a time.

Suddenly it’s not okay to collect your own rain water that falls from the same sky that we all share. Water is a valuable resource that must be governed, but we never stop to ask why? Could it be because it is not fluoridated causing us to become further dumbed down, zombie-like, as the water we rely on the city to provide? Hitler fluoridated the water supply for a long while before his atrocious acts of genocide. Ask yourself why.

Suddenly solar power is off limits to most because it cannot be measured, in order to line the energy corporation’s pockets, meeting and exceeding their bottom line.

Suddenly it is okay to poison the population beginning in infancy with GMO’s, and kill off an entire species of pollinators which aide in the livelihood of our ecosystem; And everyone just looks the other way. It’s not okay to grow organic crops near the unmanaged GMOs, because when those patented seeds scatter as the wind blows; The humble farmer accused of stealing, loses their hard earned reputation and slapped with a lawsuit, bankrupting their farm, way of life, assets and home.

Suddenly the Naturopath, whose goal is to keep our body at its optimal health, according to our leaders in the medical communities, are not practicing “real” medicine and have to be done away with. The practice they dedicated themselves to in ridding our bodies of poisonous pharmaceuticals, are being tossed out; While their remedies are labeled unregulated, folk medicine.

Suddenly the televisions we buy to enjoy a moment of relaxation, has built in capabilities for our own government to spy. We bought the television to watch a show, they configured it to eavesdrop, but how could we know? Remember those terms and conditions that you quickly scrolled past, clicked “accept,” and electronically signed? Look closer, the warning was hidden in plain sight, front row.

Suddenly our “smart” phones made to make our lives easier, our time more efficient, can be hacked and used for listening and viewing by the NSA. They give off so much radio frequency that they’re slowly killing us as they warm our internal organs, including our brains. They didn’t tell us that we were being exposed regularly to overly excessive amounts of radio frequencies just by having the device within five inches of our bodies? But they did, when you accepted the same terms and conditions, in order for your use to begin.

Suddenly as businesses’ productivity ratings go up, their employee’s salaries stay the same. When in yesteryear the increasing wealth of a company was shared amongst its workers, we all rose and fell together; thus continuing the company’s good name. Our cost of living and price of a basic car, sky rockets, but our salaries stay as they always were. Ensuring that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer; Our menial voices, left unheard.

Suddenly a plan of “healthcare for all,” especially the indigent, becomes so astronomical in price that most cannot afford it and those who can, go broke using it to find their cure. We get taxed for not having what we could not afford the cost to carry. Most physicians won’t accept it, as it covers next to nothing; Affordable healthcare for all? Yeah, I’m not so sure.

Suddenly, we are back to the years of racism being the hot topic of the day, while we all get pushed and persuaded into the hate machine that our media claims — Furthering their agenda and drinking more of the same Kool-Aide.

Suddenly cities are calling upon UN troops to come in to police their own people. While the actual police whom have sworn to protect and serve, are consistently told to stand down, stay peaceful. Prevented from doing their jobs due to public scrutiny that defending themselves and the citizens around them, could bring. Suddenly it’s okay for a mentally unstable person to wield a gun and shoot random people, but not for that officer to protect himself and our families. Let’s call in the UN “Peacekeepers.”

Suddenly you’re a bigot when you want our national security to be tightened after having watched multitudes of people jumping from windows and down to their deaths. As some extremist terrorists take over a plane of unsuspecting civilians just trying to get back to their homes, it’s more important that we be politically correct.

We keep turning a blind eye to the things so obvious and accepting it to be, just how it is. We keep feeding into the lies that they continually sell us, never questioning how it’s all going to end. We hear the words, “pedophile ring,” “sex trafficking,” and scoff, roll our eyes. We focus on what they tell us are the issues, that really don’t exist, and forget the previous damaged innocent lives.

If we ever wake up to the injustice occurring it will probably be much too late. We are watching our world go to hell in a hand basket, as we continually fan the flames of hate.

When exactly will it be enough? When will we all wake up and see that as money is printed carelessly with no value to back it up, that we have become the slaves? Slaves to the valueless dollar as we work hard and harder and bring home the same amount of pay. The high level executives are buying their own airplanes, summer homes and fancy cars – While the backs of their employees are left clothed in threads, barely sheltered, and continuing to break.

Race hasn’t divided us, money has. As the wealthy look on from their gated homes, with a watchful eye, while we tear each other apart. They write the checks to the media moguls who flawlessly recite their lies as we gaze, eyes fixed, to societies decline and fall. We think that we are getting somewhere, that a better world is within our reach, but what are we doing to facilitate? We’ve held no one responsible for the “minor issues” accumulating while we remove our focus off of the nation’s powerful elite.

Americans are in debt by trillions of dollars, amounts that can never be repaid. Inflation goes up as our wages stay down, and we foolishly think that we aren’t being played? Who’s struggling to survive here, you or me? Oh the both of us are? Maybe we should come together, agree? Our world must change for us both to thrive, starting with the rise of the people; and the reclaiming of our own country.