The old woman begrudgingly laid in her bed

Unbridled pain in her body from her disease

Impatiently watching as time flew by

Regrets swirling like tumble weeds

She asked Death why it hadn’t taken her yet

Death didn’t answer with a verbal reply

As she pitied herself for where she was heading

Scenes of her duplicity playing

On repeat through her own eyes

Faces appeared in carousel before her

Accompanying moments she could not forget

With them came embarrassing shame

A pill used to forcibly silence

Only offering quiet lament

The pills weren’t strong enough to deaden her remorse

For the ways that she had behaved

She thought with death comes sweet reminiscence

The urge to make amends flooded her with persistence

Guilt slowly consuming her conscience

Death pushing her to ask for forgiveness

A roll of the eyes in stockpiled bitterness

The prospect of dying in peaceful remains

Staring at her phone, she pined over calling

Knowing she would lose her followers turned witness

Wherever acknowledgment was made

She took another pill waiting for it to dissolve

On the same tongue that had cut so many in half

Asking death again why he wasn’t showing her compassion

And letting her breathe her last

Death answered firmly to her inquiries

Never audible but another slideshow instead

She had one more chance to become aware

To acquire peace within her death

She shrugged it off and sought more attention

From onlookers distraught at her frail state

They loved her unconditionally or so she thought

Though they knew not the magnitude of her games

The ones who suffered so at the hand of who she was

Couldn’t find sadness in their hearts for her condition

They couldn’t shed a tear or pray for the best

For one whom placed them as spectacle for dissection

A lion without teeth

A scorpion without scales

No more poison left to secrete

She was feeble, no longer posing a threat

The meager wizard behind the elaborate scene

Death stood over her waiting for her to use

The only chance she would be given again

To acknowledge her downfalls and the pain that she caused

Before Death called her as friend

Months went by as the woman negated

The fact she had anything left to make right

She drew her last breathe and with its exhale

The darkness transposed the light

Death remained a constant embrace

As she stood before a screen

Memories selectively re-played

Her existence now hung in the gallows

She wouldn’t be free from the choices she made

As her next life formed in the shadows

She would walk in their shoes and face what they did

She would experience the life they had lived

And when death met her the next time around

She would feel sorrow for all her past sins

Death had come to teach her a lesson

To see herself as a whole

To urge her to put her pride aside

And accept the role as source of her life’s woes