The page turned like a creaky door
Opening to more perplexing disillusion
Searching for the words written in invisible ink
The hidden message to decode the confusion
The water was stone chipping away at the rock
The forest was air and threadbare of life
The dirt was fire consuming each step
Inhibiting the propulsion of flight
Up was down and down was across
Thoughts were an unconquerable maze
Flowers were clouds and clouds were grass
While hearts grew vile and minds turned crass
The moon unassumingly surveyed
Empathy for others, gone and lost
The qualities that identifiably set them apart
Fallen at the foot of arrogance’ cost
The reward for being unwittingly inhuman
Nonsensical to social graces
Was the absolution within the death of conviction
The unfeeling stares upon their faces
Nothing could return to once before
As the decision had already been chosen
To indulge oneself in accordance to opinion
Was to put end to logical conclusion
When rationale was lost the world seemed different
A place where everything and nothing made sense
The feeling of what was with the truth of what is
A tenebrous, unreachable descent