I’ve been watching this series on Netflix called the Chef’s Table. It’s this amazing documentary style piece on one specific world renowned chef, each episode. Because I am a foodie that truly enjoys cooking, I appreciate this series for its basic purpose. But there are several more layers of truth, much deeper than this that I take away from it each time that I watch. Their passion.

Years ago, I set a five year plan for myself. My goal was to write in a way that could sustain me wherever I was in the world and that I would wind up living in Italy. Somewhere far away from all major towns, and annoyances and allowing me to be completely engulfed in and surrounded with the splendor of nature and my work. I have felt my soul calling me there since I was a kid and never knew how being as far away as I am, in a life that consists of working to eat, that I would ever end up there. When I decided I would write a novel, I sat down and turned out the bones of something that I knew would morph into something even bigger. I didn’t know how it would, when or why, but I knew that some day, it would. Then situations occurred that turned my life even further on its ears, and I had to make a choice to put my dream to the wayside and live to work/work to live, for the benefit of my child.

Eleven years later and I am no closer to being in Italy. What can I say? Life got in the way as it often does. But as I have sat and watched this show (sometimes the same episodes more than once) I have seen how the mere passion for a dream is simply not good enough to make it happen. It is the basis, the bones from which it is brought to be, but it isn’t the means.

To bring that passion to reality there must be hard work. Sacrifice. Diligence. These chefs that are phenomenal in their field, did not just wake up one day as the top in their culinary world. They had to start usually at the bottom and in the metaphorical trenches. They had to hear the “No’s” and face the closed doors and sometimes even the neigh-sayers. The ones who thought their ideas were crazy and would never make it farther than the confines of their own heads. And they had to in turn let that passion inside of them, fuel them to be what they later became. They had to let it drive their spirit to continue when the world and circumstances said they couldn’t. Facing adversity in order to persevere.

In that I think about how many times I started to write this book only to set it back down with the belief that it would never become anything or go anywhere. I syked myself out of the promise of my dream and of my future by allowing myself to believe what others may have thought of me. I let their opinions, be my own and their ideas become my blueprint, when they were never meant to have that much power or input. The key there is that I ALLOWED IT. I allowed the conditions around me to smother my passion.

I got really aggravated with myself when watching this show recently. Laying around at night, watching other people live their dreams out on tv and thought what the hell am I waiting for? Why aren’t I there yet? Why have I laid back just allowing myself to give up all of these years? Life gets hard because life IS hard. I know that it was never meant to be easy, but that is not an excuse to lay dormant with the passion within you!

When I decided that I wasn’t going to let another day go by without going after this dream of mine, everything that was meant to be, started to fall perfectly into place. Because I got the hell out of my own way. I wasn’t willing to let a closed door be my ending. I wasn’t ready to give up on what I know is out there for me. The whole purpose to passion is to serve as the fuel in the tank to our dreams and aspirations. The passion being the fuel and the initiative being the means, the automobile to get us there. Without either one of those two components, we cannot go anywhere.

I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and roughly finished my book! One day soon I will be watching life from where I was always meant to end up. I know it because I am determined for it to be so.

Step out of your comfort zone and go after your purpose! Your passion is inside of YOU for a reason. A purpose bigger than you can imagine, but it will not force itself to be. It needs its automobile to get it to where it needs to go. Set your feet to walking towards that dream and let your passion be that extra umph to push you along!