Apparently there is this thing that I probably should be aware of by now, but haven’t really cared much – called online trolling.trolls3 No, not the cute little naked dolls with the crazy, colorful, fuzzy hair and giant smile. These I imagine are grown men and women, unbathed, unshaved, wearing the same unwashed Pokemon pajamas they’ve been wearing for weeks sitting next to a family size bag of potato chips and empty twosouthparktrolls2 liters of Dr. Pepper. The best way to sum it up being people with even more time than I have, possibly too much, that feel the need to use that time and energy to comment when they DON’T like something and very little time spent agreeing, complimenting and just being a decent human being.

You know the ones, where someone posts a picture of their baby publicly and these lovely people comment to say how ugly the baby is? Or the ones on political posts meant to reach one side and someone comments how all of those people on that side should die? Now we see these trolls, everywhere. On blogs that we find interesting, on social media, you can even find them on basic DIY informational type websites. While their total lack of filter and social graces has made me feel so much better about myself as a person, I am saddened by their evident lack of ambition and personal life goals.

In my daily life if I am walking down the street, I don’t stop every person I see that I don’t like their choice of outfit or the way they wear their hair and tell them so. One because, that would be impolite and two because it would be highly narcissistic of me to believe that anyone cares what a stranger thinks about them. If I go into a store and see a display of perfume that smells god awful in my opinion, I do not call over the manager and complain that this perfume stinks and they shouldn’t be selling it or displaying it in their stores. I also do not flip over the perfume stand and go on a blind rage. Though that would be trollfacehilarious in thought, it would prove to be ineffective to my cause. I have the common sense to know that what may not appeal to me, might appeal greatly to others and therefore others should have the right and freedom to enjoy it. To that note, if I see a blog or social media post of someone’s personal experience and view on a topic –  I don’t feel the need to tell them how I disagree or hate them as a person because they shared a view that I do not. It’s a viewpoint, which in case the world has forgotten — are completely subjective and not always right, wrong or agreeable.

Since this is my blog filled with my own insights and opinions, I don’t offer a guarantee that you will agree with me or even find what I am stating as my own personal account to be accurate or identical to that of your own. We are all different people using our very own different brains. We’re not pod people.troll_online

What I find ironic, is that I don’t see people acting so brazen in their opinions in public face to face forums, but only where they can effectively hide behind their thumbs while looking down their noses. If this happened daily in face to face encounters, I imagine there would be a hell of a lot of bruised faces walking around. Whatever makes these trolls (which by the way, is the absolute best description of them) think that their point of view is the only one that matters, is a lack of good parenting and phrases such as “No,” “You are wrong,” “That is not nice,” and “Do not do that,” along with a total lack of opposition and world views in their life. If they got out from behind their computers and smart phones every now and then and took a look at the world around them they would see that most people don’t care what you think, but are kind enough to allow you the freedom to think it without berating you for having an opinion. Most functioning adults can handle a discussion on a topic that they don’t necessarily agree with, while simultaneously appreciating your ability and right to voice it. Most adults can also have a disagreement without resorting to name calling. In order to do that though, you have to be at a maturity level of at least 30 these days, but I digress…

Trolls, just stop. People do care what you have to say, when you choose to show enough troll_sleepregard to respectfully state it. There is a bright and brave new world out there that is passing you by while you stare at your screen waiting for fights to get in with your fingers and that much needed for emphasis, CAPS LOCK. Use the internet to inform yourself, to broaden your horizons and understanding so that you can be a valuable citizen to this planet. Use it to get a grasp on reality and the fundamentals of being a well-functioning adult that can have an opinion and actually know the proper context by which to voice it. Though your sometimes apparent lunacy makes me laugh, most times it just makes me worried for what our future generations will look like. There’s a life out there for you. Once you’ve gained the feeling back to your legs run and grab it!!!