I lost my best friend
My sister whom I shared a history
The friend I had since the day I was born
Who knew every story, understood every issue
Who made sure I never felt alone

The one I knew that I could turn to
And who would rely on my shoulder
Who checked in randomly just to say hi
The one I would laugh with at anything effortlessly
And then walk away feeling
Somehow healed inside

The one who called me every birthday
Always answered when I reached out
Who shared their life and took interest in mine
Who never abandoned our relationship
Or let disagreements come between us
The one who only wanted of me, my time

The one who sat with me
And had long conversations
About everything and nothing at all
The one who knew I wasn’t perfect
And loved that we had this in common
The one who would never let me fall

I can’t believe that you’re gone
Feels like I lost my only sibling
My heart is broken and doesn’t want to let go
Of what we were to each other
Though I know how happy you are
I used to know you’d be there
And now I just feel alone

I will remember your bright smile
And your smirks at our jokes
The way you’d nod your head while you infectiously laughed
Our hilarious near-death experiences
And dumb reckless adventures
We kept secret from Mom and Dad

One day Big Sister we will be together again
And pick up right where we left off
To resume our laughter
And uncensored discussions
You had better save me a spot!