So many mementos
Once lining the walls
Now filling photo albums and scrapbooks
Hard drives and memory box
A life almost imaginary
As if I’d slipped through wormholes of time
I remember his face like a chubby cheeked cherub
Alabaster skin, copper hair and green eyes
The recollection becomes sharp
I swiftly turn the page
Flip through the book
Gaze at another frame
There they are so happy
Care-free smiles going from ear to ear
The seconds leading up to the button snap
And blinding flash
Side-Splitting laughter to tears
When the end of the tunnel felt devoid of light
Taken back to these mementos that brought me to life
My head then flooded with stupid logistics
Arguments that kept me up at night
I change the station and turn over another page
Rummaging through papers I see her sweet name
Written with a shaky hand and foggy mind
Letters about her cat, reciting poems
Recounting how blessed she’s been in her life
I remember the feeling that came over me instantly
When I first read her beautiful words
I grabbed a pen and notebook immediately
Pouring out things I’d never spoken to another
Sorrow at the thought that these days are now gone
Blank pages and frames ready to be filled
As the anguish subsided they’re now mementos of joy
Memories of a time that stood still