object-of-affectionYou move across the room
As if you were floating on air
Those shoulders that I love holding onto
The ones that bring comfort, now bare
Slightly shifting with the swinging motion of your arms
The bold line of your back
A country interstate leading to blissful regards
How lucky I am to be staring at you
Watching you move from here to there
Looking at you has become sport over the years
One that’s too good to share
The moonlight gently cracking through the blinds
Specks of softly glowing radiance
Bouncing off the floor and walls
Like one those mystery games
Quickly highlighting the pieces in question
As you pass through I get a teasing glimpse of all the best parts
Like a tree you stand in the doorway
Sturdy and grounded
The light generously blocked as you commandingly inhabit the space
I wait for you to take another step forward
To watch the muscles in your legs engage
With coolness to your demeanor
And quiet sensibility in your countenance
You look over at me and wink with a grin
I smile back with a dreamy gaze
Wondering what I did to hold your attention
As you take up the spot on your side of the bed
You should come here
With the tick of a head
Closer isn’t nearly close enough
To behold this body, my obsession
I lay witness to whom I desire
Just within my reach
Wrapping myself around your arm
Head perched on your chest
Having tasted another day to watch you dream
Maybe later, there’s no time for sleep