love-is2Love is in so many things
Things we forget to duly appreciate
The kiss from the one with whom our life is spent
The first smile of a newborn babe
A mother’s warm embrace when our heart is broken
The hot meal prepared at the end of a hard day
The surprise phone calls and cards in the mail
The outstretched arms of our child when they scrape their knee
The home grown produce displayed at the farmers market
The vintage dress delicately arranged in the thrift shop window
The tightly-knit bond of a life long best friend
The books lining the shelves of the used bookstore
Thoughtfully in order, just so
The gardens of the humble homes running up and down your street
With their beds of multicolored arrangements
Chosen considerately
The home cared for and passed down through familial generations
The adult child by their parent’s bedside as they convalesce
The lovely designs created in the foam of your latte
The focused artist carefully painting the canvas
The doctor who listens, asking the questions no one thought to ask
The nurse at the hospital bringing you a sandwich
When they notice you haven’t left
The neighbor who always smiles at you and lifts their hand with a wave
The cat that comes to your doorstep just to be pet and then boldly walks away
Mama birds bringing their babies worms while stuck in their nest
The sidewalk swept by the proud business owner
Who could use a few days rest
The perfectly folded napkins on the table of the restaurant where your food is made
The small vase of delicate flowers placed in the center to brighten up your day
The story you read that brought tears to your eyes
The father who calls his grown daughter when it’s cold outside
Making sure she’s warm enough in her home
The son who puts his responsibilities aside
To make sure his aging parents are taken care of
The husband who takes out the trash at dawn on his way out to work
The wife who washes his clothes and packs him a hearty lunch
Love is the common denominator
It comes in packages we hardly notice, as it’s synonymous to so many things
It is in the rise and setting of the sun each day
It’s in the moon that changes the tides and the seasons
The soft dew lightly sprinkled on the morning grass
Therein its beauty springs
It’s not a bold sign made of flowery compliments
Rather in the feeling of connectedness
It is the subtle poetry undulating throughout our human experience
It is purposeful in its reasoning yet subdued in its delivery
From when our eyes open until they close at night
This life is a book of commonalities
That we have the chance to re-write
When we don’t like much what we have become
Or the unsightly road we’re headed down
When our purpose is fully realized
And decide it’s time to step out
Love is urging and nudging us through a faint whisper
To move out from underneath all of our fear
And walk into the light of new beginnings
Cut the old in sunder
Shed the skin and pull back the shears
Love is gentle and patient
It respects our limitations
Though it knows we are much greater than we can conceive
It is kind and gracious, humble and ever-present
Love is the forbearing influence
The foundation of our heart and soul’s beliefs