romeo_and_juliet_detail_by_frank_dickseeGolden brown skin, glistening in the sun
The look in your eyes of pure exhaustion
Coupled with the satisfaction from the fruits of your labor
Of hours spent atop a roof, driving nails and swinging hammers
Shirt bleached with the perspiration and salt seeping through your pores
I buried my face in your neck
Where the mist from your day pools
Lifting from your skin the fragrance of sweat, dust and tar
The first sight of you in this light
I knew I could love no one more
Constant, diligent and faithful
By every sense of the word
Working harder than any other I had ever seen before
Never complaining about the life for us you were making
924px-szinyei_merse_pal_-_lovers_1869Though your burdens unspoken and on your mind heavily weighing
Nine years later and you still return home smelling of dirt and sweat
The look of fatigue as you collapse in my lap with your head
I watch as our little girl runs to the door screaming for you in excitement
Telling you she’s “so glad you’re okay” And throwing her arms around your legs
As the two of you exchange adoring smiles at each other
The way your face lights up whenever you see her
And the teasing mixed with care that you give to our teenager
Being kind with your words and jovial with your tone 2180334784_d7325b32cd_b
These two little women have come to depend on you, alone
By having witnessed for themselves the real measure of a man
You may never quite know just how amazed at you, I am
You’ve risen above the impressions and taken up defense
Showing humility in your downfalls and pride in your success
Never boasting of yourself, nor complaining for attention
Your love continues to stretch far beyond condition
Today I am so thankful and couldn’t be more honored
To not only share a life with you, but watch the father you are to our daughters
Not everyone gets to fall in love so many times over again
I guess I was just lucky in marrying my best friend