Choose a side that defines
Separates and divides
Exalts your pre-judgements
Makes you feel justified
Find the explanation that suits your feelings
Ride it into the grave on the wind
Bring down the hammer of influence
Call it your best friend
Tell yourself it all makes sense now
Why you hated as much as you did
Saturate in the anger that’s killing you
Believe they are making you sick
Feed the pride with petulance
Til full and malcontent
As you lie in your bed
Death hovering overhead
Resolved to the fact
That you were right in the end
One day it’ll all ring clear as a bell
But by then it’ll be too late
To mend and put back together
The friendships that you desecrate
Next time from this side of the coin
Comes the lesson, you’re doomed to repeat
Resounding with how misguided you really were
As the Universe continues to teach