Thoughtful Insights

They took off like a shot
Words taking flight
Dancing on thin air
Immersed in their plight
To a barren wasteland each thought once exiled
To the minefield referred to as her cluttered mind
From their cement boots they request liberation
They struggle and saunter, play coy and parade
A give and take, “come here,” “go away”
Out through the fingers and carefully onto the page
Words leaping from their confinement
Like a well choreographed swan dive
Plunging deep into the fluidity of the soul
Where fear benevolently interweaves with self pride
Saturated in their juxtaposition of irony and deference
Adulation and vilification
Mysticism and common sense
This introspection will serve as anchor to the lessons
Mindfulness to the past
Clarity of the present
What was then has precisely met its time
To reach its atonement
Through these thoughtful insights


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