I dreamt of a world where love was the center
And we all spoke it fluently
Where we no longer needed egregious words
And obscene hostility
Our thoughts governed by the intent behind them
Instead of the context surrounding
Where each word carried the tone of the heart
And was always well received
I dreamt that the need to hurt and be hurt
Was no longer the bane of our existence
Replaced by the desire to love and be loved
No more was the ruler an iron fist of greed and self-centeredness
The world was bright and unobtrusive
Heartening and noble
Brought on by selfless service
There were no more lives torn apart
No more broken hearts
We were all interconnected
And peace was the ordered way of business
No more competing for jobs that barely kept us alive
No more surviving by the skin or our teeth
No more people leaving when the chips were down
No more living in a state of constant frenzy
I dreamt that death was just an inevitable shelf life
That we understood and accepted its role, graciously
The need to overturn others beliefs never came in to play
We coexisted in love’s endless bounty
I dreamt of the world that creation must have imagined
When the first blade of grass started to sprout
A world that thrived on love
And the contents of one’s heart
The world that has not yet come about