We lost each other once
Forgot what the other meant
Through the haziness of impassivity
We became imbalanced and disproportioned
Abruptly thrown off course
Taking comfort in stubborn complacency
Stumbling our way through
Searching for uncommonly common ground
Accepting the permanence in this divide as it is
Holding the other in highest regard
Not letting our family slip
And remaining the closest of friends
In the interim I learned more than I bargained for about myself
All the dirt that required a good sweep
That I was at times nonsensical and unrealistic
With who I expected you to be
Our life together a beautiful rendition of love
I ran from the nicks in an otherwise, divine masterpiece
We met in the middle and claimed our stakes
With head-strong perseverance,
Forgiveness and humility
Cognizant of where the road had deterred for us both
You honored your word
Choosing not to let us off the hook that easy
Through these trials I have seen you, for the man that you are
The man that I have been charmed to know
We have certainly mastered the bad and embraced the good
Together, finding our way back home