The forgotten one
Cast out and dispensable
Clothed in their kindness
In forgetting no one
The lonely one
Trapped within their self-loathing
Brings people together
To find a reason not to leave
The one afraid
Reveling inside their awful thoughts
Fearless to the outside world
Held together by stitches and knots
The friendless one
Providing a shoulder to those in need
Returning to a space within
So desperately empty
The one downtrodden
Who’s pain won’t relent
Presenting with laughter
Their love doesn’t quit
The one ready to give up
Sickened with what they cannot change
Fighting for those that they love dearly
The one ashamed
Viewing others through rose colored lenses
Revealing their own unsightliness
In unattainable perfections
The one unforgiving
A tick in the unsuspecting ear
A parasite overtaking the minds
Poisoning and bathing in apologies
Drying them off with bitter smiles
The angry one
Staying incomprehensibly peaceful
Reserving their rage
On a secret mission
To avenge and destroy the image
The plotting one
Always backstage
Agenda firmly placed
Hands thoughtfully clean
As the show begins, they’re the ones puppeteering
All of us on our masterful strings
Forming a noose, slipping down slowly
Disintegrating all that we have worked towards
Together in our own right
Taken down swiftly
By our disillusions
And the mirror that bounces back our own light