clockgifTime is a funny thing
It can be painfully slow,
Showing no mercy to those in need of less
It can be amazingly quick
Making no amends for those who’ve lost so much of it
It apologizes for nothing
It respects no one
We are always at its mercy
Yet on this day, time stood still
Deciding to take a rest to call you home
On this day, it saw a life so precious
One the Creator handcrafted so beautifully and miraculously
It had to stop to allow you to be free
It held its breath deep as you were ushered back
And let out a giant sigh when you were complete
The angels must be rejoicing now
The beloved dancing with your arrival
To have their angel sent to earth, returned so lovingly
The Creator must be smiling
On this day I wish there was more time
One more “I love you honey”
To bring my heart peace
Yes, time is a funny thing
I understand why it stood still for you

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