img_0406Young woman,
If I could impart any wisdom to you
It would be to SLOW DOWN
The pace of life will only quicken with each new year and then new day
Soon you’ll look up, longing for it
That time lost and staying unfound.

Remember to make lasting, good memories
Enjoy the face
So young and unblemished
Appreciate the body
So flawless and pristine
Be grateful for the meal on the table
And the cash in your purse
While it’s not already belonging to something.

Take care of your name as it honors your character
Your word is your only bond
Be sure to show it respect as it goes before you
Some will try to muddy it with opinions, that will never serve you
Be fervent
Stay true to who you are.

Do not care to fit in
Break the mold, watch it split
Calculating each one of your steps
Dance into womanhood bold, but gingerly
Speak prolific yet mindful with each of your words
Avoid facetiousness.

Don’t understate or discredit your own feelings
Approval is not valued on the morals you give up to obtain it
You can never undue the mistakes that you make
Acknowledge them, then learn
Turn the tables to meet your favor

Believe in all your wondrousness
Your talent
Your luster
Your strength
Hold quick to the ones who encourage and support you
Who remain loyal and equally vowed to your success
For they are displaying true love in it’s form
Not everyone will attain.

Don’t forget that only you can decide your worth
Only you can demand it be upheld
Others will try to downplay it
Don’t you ever sell yourself short
You are not what they say about you
But what you believe of yourself

Never be measured by the standards of others
But the bar that you have set
Walk with strength in your back
And gentility in your stride
Stay humble and conscious of your frailties
Show humitily and compassion
Walk with your head held high

Be kind to your mother as she has walked in your shoes
And felt all the same pains as you have
When she speaks, it’s with respect to
the life she was given
And only wants for you, better than she had.

Treat your heart like a jewel
Protecting and caring for it, delicately
Only giving it to those so deserving
For the pieces we share
We never get back
By the ones who abruptly leave.

When you become older
Don’t forget to be loving of yourself
That body has accompanied you from beginning to end
It is a miraculous thing
Of most precious beauty
Held closely all of your secrets
Carried all of your scars
And is owed for its dedication, respect.

You were created as woman
With courage in your blood and fire in your bones
Giving life and nurturing it
You are part of a select few
A sisterhood meticulously chosen
Commanding of unconditional love
And worship.