I’ve loved you for nearly a decade
I will love you for a thousand more if you let
Past this life and others
Until one of us gives up
Or the other loses their sense
We already know it’s going to be me
If I forget who you are please forgive
And try not to take it personally
I may bite you and scratch
And not much fancy diaper changes
Mental health is no laughing matter
Even when it’s my senility
This current lifetime only a peep into
The craziness the future has in store
We are lucky to have found each other when we did
Partying, concerts and frequenting bars
Grilling all day, up playing all night
Drinking like two dehydrated fish
When we were young enjoying life
Living as if we were dying
The next day, doing it all again
Circumstances have been oftentimes trying
And much harder to sufficiently get by
Fortunate to have re-kindled
What we thought had been lost
To put the dysfunctional pieces back together
What a wild ride
With kids and health and jobs and homes
The river of money hardly trickles
The food sometimes scarce
But we make the best of it together
Count our blessings
As we gather up our nickels
To buy a few smokes
Or a coke and some peanuts
Not enough for a delicacy like a PayDay
Hangovers now brutal
Liquor costs too much
Kids waking us up early the next morning
Why pay thirty dollars for a steak
When I make a mean ribeye
Smoke ribs that’ll smack the taste off your tongue
“We have a tortilla and cheese
Some green olives, a drop of sauce
Hey let’s make a pizza!!”
It isn’t always pretty but it’s always fun with you
Seeing just what we’re made of
When the times are rough
And food is scarce
We’re down but not out
Making a Podunk pizza..