img_0359I came across something today, profound
Saying it was okay to own my joy
To break free from the barbed wires
That had me strapped in securely
From the ones who’ve affected my soul
It’s not a hard concept to grasp
Yet it always seems to evade
That when I stay wallowing in sadness
In guilt and in shame
Spiraling out of control
To their restless souls
I stay enslaved
I can live and be free
Be joyful and proud
Of the life that I now get to experience
I can laugh at the atrocities
The anger
The resentment
Getting to live unattached to the hindrance
I don’t have to be contracted to the words
And operations that followed from
Such deplorable acts
I can walk away undiminished
Though changed for the better
Understanding that I hold the keys
And the facts
It’s not easy being the person who wears their heart on their sleeve
Building walls at a back-breaking pace
To keep yourself guarded, protected, set apart
From those who have shown you no grace
You’re expected to get over it, it’s no big deal, walk away
When your heart is thoroughly broken
You’re too sensitive, emotional, dramatic, over thinking
For your recount to ever be taken as proof’s token
Love is a verb
A clear intention
An action
That proves the words meaning
Examining for the proof but instead I.O.Us
Filling the hearts cavity
For the ones who have carried out
The purpose of teaching me how
And who I do not want to be
With gratitude I truly thank you
For lighting the way
That I refused to acknowledge
Out of contrition to family duty
The layers are shedding
Like an onion with a bite
I’m stepping out crisp
Into the beautiful unknown
Uplifted and encouraged
With pure intent to succeed
Carrying love in each footprint
Praise for the immeasurable growth!