enstyle1473870867540-1You are quiet, but not without careful thought
So kind, empathetic and loving
Unconvinced of your remarkable beauty
Never believing you have been heard
Afraid of perceptions
Consequently you stop talking
Emotions pressed down into a ball
Feeling completely out of place
Putting other’s feelings above your own
Wanting to keep everyone else in peace
You’re soft-spoken but humorous
Without a tinge of spite in your bones
My Isabelle
My sweet
My darling girl
You came from me but are so much better than I could ever be
Learning through the trials that you are strong
By overcoming your challenges
You are smart
A survivor
Unstoppable IS your reality
One day you will understand
And hopefully forgive me
For not being the best that I could’ve been
Motherhood isn’t easy
We do the best that we can
Even when we have nothing and no instructions
I was never quite ready for motherhood again and all that it entailed
Too young and misguided
Doubtful and frightened
Ill-equipped and unprepared
Broken down by sorrow and unable to cope
To see the healthy child in front of me
Knowing I loved you so much
Afraid to get too attached
And suffer another loss so disheartening
You are the light that has never died out in my eyes
The reason my heart continues to mend
The very purpose for me to keep going
Without you, I wouldn’t have known where to begin
I would scour the earth just to protect you
Wage war on the heavens above
You are a gift I was never supposed to have
A blessing beyond dreams
My daughter, My baby, My Love