There was a day not too long ago
When I thought I knew what to believe
That when they said I love you
I’ve got your back and I’m here
They meant it wholeheartedly
The wind of change blew through in a hurry
Leaving me standing in the wake of disastrous ruin
Those people now hiding
Having shown their true nature
Leaving pieces of lies
Masquerading as truth
For the unknowledgeable to somehow decipher
I’m supposed to get passed this
Let it go and walk away
Without a humble apology received
Called a liar, a traitor, a snake and a thief
By those whom I believed knew me
Somehow every one moves on
Like nothing’s happened at all
No defense for their friend shown, not one
Disconcerting looks on their face
As if I’m responsible to fix
That which I never did wrong
Lost relationships to the fodder
The commotion and the lies
That is always abundantly turning
No comprehension of the hurt
That came from trust broken
Bridges of loyalty continuously burning
“Just admit you were wrong”
Admit what is false
“And then we all will be good”
Take ownership of the discord
I had no part to play in
Knowing what they heard was at best misunderstood
Watching for the day the faces emerge again
Having accepted culpability
To seek out forgiveness
With truth in their hearts
For all the wrongs perpetrated against me and my family
My child and my husband
Were just collateral damage for you
To the plotting and planning you schemed
That would bring you satisfaction
An addict, so consumed
Of great magnitude immersed and drowning
How can I move past this
Finally make amends
When responsibility has never been taken
A crowd around now looming
Pointing fingers and screaming
Spitting vomit
As if their beliefs
Make it somehow valid
I desire so badly to be lifted of this burden
This turmoil by which I lament
Until truth rears its head
And all witness its presence
I am forever stuck in this perpetual torment