img_0178Grief appeared last night out of nowhere
Tapping at my window as I lay asleep
Awakening me to all of the past
That for years has so deeply crippled me

I answered to grief, “what do you want now”
It replied with distant and faded memories
All I thought I had forgotten
But apparently stored away
At a time when I was most happy

Grief has never had a hard time finding me
No matter how many times that I change
It remembers my soul
My heart and my spirit
And barely recalls my name
These thoughts would creep in
As I wept and I pined
Moving pictures in slow motion
Still framed shots in my mind
No luxury in closure foreseen

The aches that are felt when it shows up
Are like dull stabs straight to the chest
Yet when the tears start to flow
And I begin to let go
These thoughts washed clean
Grief subsides and then comes sweet rest

My mind no longer cluttered
With this stored away past
Images so plaguing
For a while I can breathe and recall only the good
Understanding the purpose for it clearly

Feeling safe and secure
Set this lovingly aside
For another rainy day
Awakening griefs ghost
In the shape of poem
Without a face
Or even a name