When I am awake, I think of you
When I sleep, you are in my dreams
When you are around, I breathe in your air
When you are away, I hold my breath
Waiting for you to show up
Without words signaling it’s okay to exhale
My heart is never far from yours
My soul never more connected to any one thing
You sleep and I lay awake thinking of all that I want to say
You’re awake and I am speechless
Your essense, an all encompassing energy field circling around me
Who I was before you stepped in
I wouldn’t know her today
Who I will be when you are gone
I do not want to become familiar
My life isn’t yours, yet you own the deed
My thoughts are my own, yet you govern them unknowingly
A world without you, like a day pass into prison
Nothing feels real until you walk back in
You see yourself as meaningless, a forgotten afterthought
I see you as the only thought and a world gone mad for not noticing
People walk away, taking a small piece each time
Left filled with holes by the ones who were supposed to love you
Lowering your self worth and cutting you down to size
But I see you…
I hear you…
I feel you…
You are everywhere
You have never left the memory cells that make up this shell
I understand the truths
Love you beyond the weaknesses
I listen to your words and hear the sadness unspoken
I look in your eyes and see the disappointments beneath shy smiles
I smell the air of confidence and feel the insecurity
All of the missing pieces, I love as if they where there
Your faults never overshadowing the numerous perfections
A thousand years could pass and I could not scrub the imprint of you away
For you have invaded my senses
Broken down my walls
Disarmed my defenses
You found the empty place in my heart and considerately called it home
Bringing all of the comforts of it back to symmetry
Marking me with your scent and lovingly setting me free