Little girl frightened by the hate within
The sin that breeds and feeds in him
The demon inside flows through his veins
In his heart it lies
Through his hands it defiles
It’s slumber in the stillness of her fear
Feeding on the absence of her memory
The silence lives on
She cries to be saved from the life that once was
From the lies that will always be
In the stillness of her memory, it waits
Deep within her soul can see
Like a rabid animal stalking her so carefully
It will soon feed
In the stillness of her memory, her hidden shame it will always be
“Don’t speak a word,” he tells her
His hands embedded in her skin
Fingerprints so deep within
“This is love,” staining what was once pure
Becoming stronger, body more forceful
In silence her fear grows ripping away all sanity
Nameless, Faceless, Hopeless, Worthless
“You should have listened, this is your fault”
Confirming that which she already knew
Anger grows
Silence remains
Like a dear friend, steady and true
Young woman, the pain ever strong
What once brought fear, now brings life
Her confusion sets in
Hurt to anger, anger to rage, rage to absence, devoid of life
In the stillness of her memory
Her silence lives on