Two people found as youth, innocence in adolescence. Laughter and shallow conversations, surface deep. Somehow meaningful in their quality. Life altering accounts fallen on deaf ears and silent nods. No one to be found. Life of solitude and undisturbed memories of shadows past.
Two people, faces so familiar though worn from a lifetime of heartache. Unspeakable pain, so similar. Cradling them at night. Befriending their loneliness. Needing a love that doesn’t exist. Sick with the hope they’ll find it someday. 

Two people, perpetually trying to be better, succeeding only at failing. Everyone in their lives having given up on their change. Knowing it’s only a pipe dream. They’re too troubled. They are who they are. Disappointment filling the creases. Days running together into masses of promises lost.

Two people, the hopeful idea of renewal, crashed and split into two realities. That love doesn’t exist and hope is fleeting. Trying to look forward to a life of missed opportunities. Inside a jar looking out, watching the world, a sea of happy faces pass them by. Those perfectly content with what they have. No notice of the fractured standing in front of them. Screaming at the top of their lungs to be heard, no sound coming through.

Two people aching to feel joy the same, yearning to feel sane. Standing in full form of who life has made them to be. Mind detached and scrambled, lost in how to recover. Too injured from the past and blistered from the present to believe now in someday. People telling them how to be, who to become with no roadmap of how. Cramming and pushing beliefs down their throats. How do you believe, when you no longer feel? The numbness they once desired gone is now all that protects them.

Two people, identical in their feelings and thoughts, pried apart by their hindrances. Stretched and dismembered from the only eyes that see them fully. The only like-minds that understand. Heeding to the right thing to do for everyone else. Letting go of the dream that can never be.