They’re the heart, carelessly ripped and torn
Microscopic particles, falling to the floor
The soul melted and gushing onto the surface
Indiscreetly and hurriedly it pours
The doorway into the emotions
Kept securely behind armored layers of distrust
The telling eyes and unheard cry
Into the tortured and subconscious mind
Of one collectively misunderstood
No, they are not merely words filled with meaning
But involuntary sobs of the spirit so lonely
Sorrowful pleadings to be heard
The correction of misperceptions
Closure to heartbreak
Requests to the universe for healing
Insights to the marrow of the bones picked and left cold
Trips into one’s scars
The answer to the afterthought of
“If I had only known.”
Things that shaped them into who they are
Words pulsate, vibrating melodically
Taking you on a journey of a million tears
Lulling you into friendly submission
Audible with a quiet mind and still ear
As the ebb and flow carries you adrift
So aligned with the intention of love
Reaching the inescapable climax
Hearing each deliberate riff
Being considerately soothed down to repose
Taking just a quick listen
Skips the song entirely
But some of us are afraid to know
What’s in another’s mind
For if we unintentionally find
We are bound to acknowledge
They’re only looking for a means to dispose
Of the fear and pain
Self-loathing and shame
A calm place in their mind
To safely call home