I remember seeing you all those years back
Catching glimpse, this specimen of masculinity
A tall and strapping figure
So handsome and desirable
Kind eyes, endearing
Not wanting to make conversation
Knowing if I did, I would surely fall
Afraid to yield to the inevitable
Give my heart again and risk it all
Stealing small unnoticed glances
From steps across the room
Intending you not to notice
Secretly hoping that you would
Then it happened
Eyes staring straight at me
Knowing the soul looking into mine
Heart stopping for eternity
The reality, only seconds in time
Compelled to step a bit closer
Close enough to redefine
The line of separation between us
I was spellbound, mesmerized
Never having beheld someone so beautiful
Exuding the intrinsic nature of manliness
Broad shoulders telling tales of invincible strength
Calloused hands from grueling hard days
Crow’s feet speaking of a life spent working
Beneath the Sun’s harsh, unforgiving rays
All of this time has gone by
Still watching the structure of your face as you sleep
Memorizing every wrinkle
Every laugh line, so inviting
Reminding me of your warming smile
Of the many moments of laughter we’ve shared
The bold line of your back curving and turning
Running down past the covers you bare
The sturdy arms that envelope me
Rough hands that cradle mine within their palms
The same broad shoulders reminding me of your strength
No, you have not changed at all