Cozy in my den of tranquillity
Nestled in the covers like a bear in its cave
I hear the whistle as the cold air blows past quickly
The AC vent’s rusty grates
The unit right outside the window
Wibbly-Wobbly in its loud sound
As if to say it’s done for the day
To give up
Take a break
It is time to rest, for now
Somehow I’m reminded of former years
As I drift off into a daze
Laid up in my room, window wide open
The old box fan tightly fit in its frame
Blowing the sweet summer breeze back into my senses
While reminiscing on a day spent disengaged
Christmas lights draped from the ceiling
Blue paisley bedsheets shrouding the walls
The aroma of vanilla incense quietly burning
Music playing while I strummed my guitar
Though these years were long ago in fact
They have never gone too far away
From this nostalgic memory of a peaceful time
Pure serenity, as I lay
Plenty of full moons later
Colorful Christmas lights draping the walls
The fragrance of honeysuckle incense
Music playing
As I stare at my guitar
Calling this memory to properly serve
Years from now I hope to be doing the same
As it always was and always will be
Another summer has passed me again