Wondering…Maybe regret is what’s kept us here
Shadows of a life, guilt wrapped up in fear
The book not yet written…
The pages steadily unfold
His life now only a distant memory
Visions of what could, but will never be
Her heart, broken and scattered
Picking up these shards, they pierce all over again
The gaps left only emptiness fills
Solace comes in the glimpse of his face
Regret is all that will ever remain
The life he knew…
Unfortunate, unfulfilled
The life she now knows…
Quiet and still
Waiting for his death
Praying for his life
Begging for his future
Bracing to say goodbye
A soft whisper pushing her to let go
His eyes…
So Pure, so sad
Needing to be rescued, dying to survive the pain
Her suffering… Unseen
Her face… Unrecognizable
Leaning in to say the final goodbye
A kiss to end all pain
His heart beats slower, his breathe gone shallow
Knowing the end is here
Wanting the pain to stop
Wanting him to be free
Needing him to stay
She lets go, quietly
Death has won this war
New life on the other side
Will he ever understand why she let go?
Her eyes now covered with a film of grey
Her arms left empty
Her soul, Unforgiving
His shadow, Ever-steady
His eyes inside her head
His blood coursing through her veins
There will be nothing to end this pain
Will she ever see him again
Her faith will let her in
Her life, her heart, her soul
Will never be the same..