Let me sit and remind why I came here in the first place
You were putting me in third place
Never an option, never your right
Yes I belong on top
On that pedestal you
Kicked out from underneath me
Lying and beseeching
Yeah I belong first above all else
Instead of sifting through the leftovers
Feasting upon defeat
Yeah I am difficult
Just not to love
Let me sit and remind why you’re even alive
Taking what was never yours
Holding it above my head
Wasting time on this childish game
While you sit and crave the spotlight and fame
Me, Me, Me, I, I, I
Naming your god above all others
Making your will into HIS own
Throwing that tongue around like a whip
At least you’ve found ONE use for it
Spreading your lies like genocide
Scorching and burning every ear they hit
You’re all up in smoke
Words going amiss
Wading in infested murky waters
Swamp of misguided belief
Dirty pools of betrayal
Smell it some more
Wade in it again
Turn your eyes to darkness
Your heart and soul paper thin
Breathe it. Speak It
As Man speaks so is his heart
Playing me out to be a fool
THAT I never will be
Yeah you were lucky
Just not anymore