I’ve gone down this road a hundred times before
Incessantly tasting defeat
Conceiving intentions were pure as gold
Was never so hard to believe
Your attack of conscious and desperate lies
It never once dawned on me
That maybe I’m the sacrifice
You needed to wash your hands clean
I waited for you to apologize
To own up to all your misdeeds
You shut me out and closed your eyes
To the chaos surrounding me
Like a tornado you blew through
Destroying and dismantling
Every healthy bond in your life
For the past never was
Abandoning your blood
All to save face
Robbing them of their pride
Defaming their names
Ideals that you claimed
Purblind that you’ve been compromised
I won’t stand by any longer
Wait for you to wake up
To the damage by which you have caused
You’re too far gone
Too drunk with control
To ever admit of your flaws
Perpetual victims
Are natural born swindlers
Lacking all moral fortitude
Wrapped up in their theories
Semantics and queries
Real tears shed only a few
Good luck to your mate
To your family
Your friends
Who have always held your words true
They’ll never quite know
The cowardice you’ve shown
In pretending it was all done to you