My heart is calling me
From far away places unseen
“Stay a while..”
Long enough to find myself
Short enough to still remember
Who I am and who I want to be
My heart is calling me
I hear it at night
The slow and steady thump of desire for something more
“You need to belong..”
I’ve always been able to quiet it ’til now
Lying awake to the sounds of stories not yet written
Feelings un-transcribed to a series of lines
“This will be the year of great changes..”
Of a life’s purpose realized
My heart is calling me
With growing discontent
“Put it down on paper..”
These words may transform someone
Transport them to a place they’ve yet to behold
My heart is still calling me
More violently than before
“Release your control..”
There is no satisfaction greater than writing the stories untold
My heart has stopped calling
It reached its content
In finally moving through
This cognitive dissonance