A victim of circumstance I am no longer
These memories will fade then who will I be
Standing before you bruised and bloody
I leave this relationship not knowing who won
Which one of us holds my identity
Spirit and flesh
Mind and body
I walk away trying not to look back
I must let go
The entity I long to be so incredibly far from me
To be loved for all that I am and no less
Lovely, Mysterious, Wounded, Delirious
Talented, Unsure, Angry, Insecure
Disturbed and shattered, Scarred and scared
These things you hated, controlled and jaded
You called me a fool
Of course I have much more to learn
But not from you
You believe you are untouchable
Unmarked and unchanged
Like a shiny new penny,
You always look unscathed
I fall short of your glory
Your measuring stick of majesty
Only human compared to one so righteous
As yourself
So here’s the final boot
The goodbye that leaves no residue
No taste of me left in your mouth
No last swallow to hold you until the next time
My destiny now ripped from your hands
Solely lies within me